AVWPE, Inc. started with a small handful of musicians that were enrolled in Community Chorus at Lamar Community College in 1998.  Dale McClave,  Suzie Pizano, Kathleen La Cost and Trevor La Cost are all still performing with the ensemble today, 21 years later.

With only four venue changes, the band programs have rehearsed at Lamar Community College, The Historic Rock Schoolhouse in Wiley, the Lamar Public Library-Cultural Events Center and the current Shore Arts Center.

The membership of AVWPE, Inc. has accomplished many things over it’s 21 year history.  A grant was written to purchase handbells to start the first ever community handbell choir known as the Main Street Ringers.  AVWPE, Inc. hosts the largest privately held music lending library in the United States and owns and manages the Shore Arts Center in downtown Lamar, Colorado.  Of course, we continue to provide exceptional entertainment in the Arkansas Valley and beyond.